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This line of cellular security cameras and VideoModem VM 1 encoder are truly revolutionary developments.

There are no other products in the world that do what these units do at any price.
VideoModemTm VM1 is a simple to use and cost-effective solution for sending Electronic News Gathering (ENG) and video surveillance from areas with limited infrastructure.
Lowers expenses by eliminating redundant human screening.

Provides more reliable screening, increasing overall security.

Increases revenue by lowering passenger loading time.

Adapts to rapidly changing security needs through upgrades.

Connects to Law Enforcement "Most-Wanted" database.
Savings of more than $5000 per car are possible.

Efficient saving of space and power.

Colby Digital Signature allows court verification.

Does the job of both in car computer and Digital Video/Audio Recorder.
No tapes to change saves manpower & eliminates mistakes.

Saves space & money.

Systems installed & operating flawlessly 24/7 in Las vegas Casinos for over 5 years.

Colby Digital Signature Verification allows court verification.

Meets new Nevada Gaming Standards for Digital Video Recorders.