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  COLBY Police Car Digital Video Recorder and Mobile Computer Series DVR-168

COLBY Police Car Digital Video Recorder and Mobile Computer provides both digital video/audio recording and computer functions. An economical solution for any Police Department.

  Mounting and Accessories

220:1Zoom Camera
large view

Mounts under dash
large view
Super-bright LCD
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  Key Benefits

Savings of more than $5000 per car are possible

Efficient saving of space and power

Colby Digital Signature allows court verification
Does the job of both in car computer and Digital Video/Audio Recorder
  Specification: COLBY Systems Police DVR/Computer


  AV-360°™: The first 360° Digital Police Camera discretely placed within a vehicle's rear view mirror
“ Overt” AV-360° Monitor “ Covert” AV-360°
  Now Available: Protect-All Security’s AV-360°™ is a patented 360° digital video camera that gives police officers the advantage of viewing and recording activities inside and outside of a police vehicle from almost every conceivable perspective. With no loss of visibility, the AV-360° is less intrusive than other camera systems, as the cameras are confined to the vehicle rearview mirror. Demo units available.
  Two Designs, Unparalleled Effectiveness
  “ Overt” AV-360°: Comes standard with interior camera on/off switch, foreword-facing 2x zoomand internal microphone. Larger zoom available.
  “ Covert” AV-360°: An inconspicuous customary and ordinary-looking rearview mirror equipped with superior quality pinhole wide-angle cameras and internal microphone. The Covert AV-360 ° is great for surveillance and undercover operations, and uses low enough power to operate in a parked car for several hours without draining the battery.
  Homeland Security and Terrorism
  In today’s world, the police are the front line against terrorism. Having an AV-360 ° in every police vehicle will prove to be an invaluable tool in terrorism investigations. As an example, if an officer drives down 42nd Street , leaves the area in his vehicle, and moments later, a bomb explodes on 42nd Street, the officer could immediately view the 360° video footage of his police cruiser. The officer could examine the recorded activity in the suspected area of the incident, thus having some leads, which will enhance the investigation by identifying individuals, and documenting vehicles in the area prior to the explosion.
  Hours of Digitally Recorded Footage:
  The AV-360° has the capability of recording andstoring digital video footageon to a portable, mobile and “ruggedized ” Colby Digital Video Recorder (DVR), which can then be transferred to a DVD or transferred to a mainframe computer.
  Cost-Effective and Affordable:
  The AV-360° is less expensive, easier to install, and much more effective than single-lens, 90° camera systems. The patented, real-time 360° camera encompasses an entire 360° frame of reference inside and surrounding a police vehicle.
  Monitor Screen and Two-Channel Audio:
  The monitor screen gives officers the opportunity to view present activity or past footage without interrupting continuous recording. The AV-360° comes standard with a discreet internal microphone.
  Conceptualized by retired NYPD Undercover DetectiveJoe Mazzilli Endorsed by Maj. General Ray Smith, USMC (Ret.), author of The March Up: Taking Baghdad and retired FBI agent Joseph “Donnie Brasco” Pistone.
  Protect Your Department and its Reputation:
  The AV-360° has revolutionized the way a police department can protect itself by documenting actual events. Eyewitness testimonies are at times both misleading and prejudicial, and are susceptible to outside influences or interpretations, which can confuse and alienate both the police and the public. As a police officer’s silent partner and witness that is neither forgetful nor afraid to tell the truth, abusive officer accusations, “blame-game” scenarios and misconduct-related lawsuits can be countered and prevented. The AV-360° will pay for itself as a valuable tool by successfully challenging false lawsuits against the police. It will document questionable officers (that potentially one-percent) who engage in abuse or other wrongdoings. With the AV-360° in place, the number of such incidents will be drastically reduced or eliminated.


  Video-Computer POD
  • Patent Pending Design, measures only 6” x 9” x 2.5”
  • Performs the functions of both in-car computer and Digital Video Recorder
  • Mounts up out of the way, yet is very accessible
  • Runs Windows 2000 or XP
  • Has built-in DVD Recorder
  • Holds up to 80 hours of video and audio
  • Records in MPEG-1, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 (selectable)
  • Has CF slot and dual PCMCIA slots
  • Control it from existing in-car computer, laptop or Colby sunlight readable 10.4” touch screen display