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  VideoModem™ VM1 Encoder
  VideoModem™ VM1 is a simple to use and cost-effective solution for sending Electronic News Gathering (ENG) and video surveillance from areas with limited infrastructure. The use of cellular networks for transmitting secure video streams allows for ENG and surveillance monitoring at sites without telephone lines or wired internet access.
Cellular Security Cameras
  This line of cellular security cameras and VideoModem VM 1 encoder are truly revolutionary developments.
There are no other products in the world that do what these units do at any price.
Airport Security System
  Using advanced facial recognition technology, the Colby Airport Security System provides a powerful system to monitor and record activity in an airport. The Colby Airport Security System records every individual that boards each flight.
  Police Car DVR/Computer
  COLBY Police Car Digital Video Recorder and Mobile Computer provides both digital video/audio recording and computer functions. An economical solution for any Police Department.
  Casino Digital Video Recorder
Professional Digital Video Recorder for the Casino Industry.The only Digital Video Recorder with an installed base on the Las Vegas strip for over 3 years.